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If you want to be seen as a serious, professional business, a company email address is a great asset. And who better to install a corporate email system than your friendly neighbourhood NSS?
We can set you up with a great email system to serve your whole network, including members of a virtual network, if you have one. You’ll be using Microsoft Exchange Server, which is an excellent messaging system that includes scheduling, document sharing and directory integration. You can choose the sizes of individual mailboxes, with 75GB being the generous upper limit.
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Bring your company together with a single email network
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Connect your off-site workers to your network through client solutions.

Simple set up

You don't have to worry about managing two email accounts, the old and the new. We’ll move any and all of your existing emails to the new system for you. You’ll have everything in one place, just like you used to.

Go mobile

For many businesses, it’s going to be useful for employees to be able to access their company emails whilst on the move. We’ve got extensive knowledge of mobile email, including the increasingly popular Blackberry brand, and can provide configuration and support for most mobile devices.
Your mobile device and email server will be perfectly synchronised, so you won’t miss a moment.

Say goodbye to spam

Choose to route your email system through our servers and you’ll save hours upon hours of company time – no more sifting through emails to find the important stuff! We run industry-leading anti-spam software, which saves you bandwidth as well as time since you don’t have to bother downloading the junk emails.
Based in Milton Keynes and Northampton, our network reaches out to Slough, Oxford and Cambridge.
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