Data Cabling


With our data cabling skills, we can build, extend or repair your IT network. We'll do the design work as well as the installation, ensuring that your network is as efficient as can be.
We use only the latest Cat 5E, Cat 6 and fibre optic cabling to ensure that your network is fast, reliable and long-lasting. Our range of patch panels, cabinets and outlets is made up of the highest-quality components. With no weak links in the chain, we can certify and guarantee your data cabling installations for 25 years.
Get connected with data cabling.
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Do you have employees working from home? Then VPN  is what you need.
Once we're done, we'll test your new cable installations. We're not just checking that they work; we're also checking that they comply with international and European standards.
Based in Milton Keynes and Northampton, our network reaches out to Slough, Oxford and Cambridge.
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