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Information is your business’ most valuable asset. Without your client database, order records or documents, how can you hope to continue your business?
It’s essential to safeguard this data; by doing so, you’ll safeguard your business. We can help you here, advising you on different data security strategies and implementing whatever you choose. You’ll rest easy, knowing that whatever else happens, your data is intact.
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Ensure that your data is always safe
For data security and disaster prevention, call us o
Our data protection services also help keep your company email clean.
We recently took up the offer of the Disaster Recovery System, which was installed painlessly. It’s giving us the peace of mind that any business should have. NSS regularly check the integrity of this data and confirm back to us the test results.
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First line of defence

It’s a sad truth that computers are vulnerable to intrusion. Some of it is designed to corrupt your data; some is designed to steal it; some of it is just designed to stop you from accessing it.
What you need is a thoroughly reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware system that doesn’t compromise the efficiency of your machine or network. We can install one of our recommended systems, providing you with the best data security.

Backup solutions

If you’ve ever opened a file to find it corrupted, you’ll know the value of backing up past versions of files. From a business standpoint, it’s essential, as you simply can’t afford for a server malfunction to wipe out all your data.
You could copy your files onto a blank CD, but it’s fiddly, time-consuming and easy to forget. Automatic backup software can be scheduled to run at a time of your choosing, every day (or week), and it can be set to exclude particular file types or only backup edited files. The data is compressed to save space and money, and it’s encrypted to protect it against theft.
Combine your backup software with an effective Disaster Recovery System (DRS) and you’ll be unstoppable. You’ll be able to recover anything from a single file or an entire system, complete with operating systems, applications and data. Data recovery won’t take days or even hours – it’ll be done in minutes.

Off-site data protection

For the ultimate protection, there’s nothing like off-site backups. We can mirror your entire servers at Network Support Services, meaning that you have a comprehensive and complete backup solution.
Backing files up at your premises will help if your server crashes. But what if there’s a fire, and your backup files get destroyed too? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – put some of them in the hands of Network Support Services.
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